Saturday, July 18, 2009


Hey Ladies. I think we should really start writing on here again. Manda, you're training for a half... I want to hear about your fun long runs in Ogden. Erin, you're getting back into it, I want to hear about how much stronger you're feeling and what it's like to be at it again. Me, I need to start blogging for accountablility and to let you know how it is to workout here in the humidity!!!

First off, I LOVE LOVE LOVE sea level. Pretty sure I'd do cardio all day if I could. It's amazing the difference. No lung burning. Your legs give out way before your lungs do. Although, on a hot, sticky, wet day your lungs feel like they are drowing... like you're breathing in a sauna room. But I'll take that over the buuuuurn.

The last two weeks I've been doing a boot camp my friend (see I have friends, yay) Bridgette is in charge of. She kicks our butt and proceeds to hand them to us in a nicely wrapped package. I couldn't stand up and down for a good 24 hours after last Saturday. Here is the basic break-down of our first Boot Camp day:

1 mile warm-up
Hill sprints with circuits of power blasts (jumping jacks on speed) and lunges in between
lunges, lunges, lunges
Hill sprints with jumping jacks and power lunges in between
.5 mile run

Strength Training:
Circuit Training (jumps, forward lunges, burpees, sprints)
(all done while balancing on our shoulder blades holding our bum in the huuurt)

I was soooo sore. I worked out again on Monday and Tuesday and it seemed to stretch it out a bit.

Today's Bootcamp was easier for me. We did a lot of cardio circuit work. Then we did bleacher work... bleachers....bleeeechers. Guh. It hurt. After we worked on arms by balancing backwards on the bleacher steps. We did a tri, bi, combo with a total of 80 pumps. GAH. THEN we did the leg workout from hell. We held our lunge position for forrrreeever. Then abs.

Man. Alive.

I'm grateful for a friend who is crazier than I am and can push me but you two better watch out. If I workout this hard for the next 30 months I'm going to come back even crazier than I was. You two ready for that?

[cue clap of thunder]


Erin said...

the boot camp sounds fun glad you are enjoying it! um running in order for me to post that would have to mean I am actually running again Haha...hopefully this week perhaps!

The Ball Babies said...

heh heh can I get it in Boise or do I have to go to Georgia???

Amanda said...

Holy moly. Ummmm...not sure. I am going to have to work myself up to it. `:o/