Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Grief!

Oh Manda your post made me sad it makes me want to RUN to O-town and go race around Ogden High's track...let me rephrase that- chase you around Ogden High's track cause your so FAST! I think those two years in the town house are my some of my favorite memories for lots of reasons and one of those reasons is your and Lori's friendship when I drive up the hill on Monroe I always smile and think of the many morning we raced up and down that blasted thing in heat in cold in happy and sad I think of the excited stories each of us shared during those morning and the struggles and trials facing us.
I don't know if I shared this before but while working graves at the Center for Change when I would leave in the morning at 5:30/6am all of me was sad, sad cause I knew you too were just greeting each other off to start your day, in the dark, on the silent pavement... not to get too mushy but thanks for what each of you shared with me, thanks for the distance we have covered, and most of all for your friendship! I treasure those time, with the best of times in my life! lets all grieve together :) It is a sad time, motivation will come we are too hooked but its OK to be sad

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Lori said...

Amen, over and over and over again.

Erin, we couldn't have found a better person to round out the Tres Amigas team. We love you so much. December isn't THAT far away for a T.A. run is it? sniff sniff

(side note: my quads and calves are burning just thinking of that hill. We got pretty good at killing that hill by the end though, right?)