Saturday, August 1, 2009

Working Out In Humidity

86 degrees

with 99% humidity

feels like running through one of those sauna rooms where you can't see in front of your hands.

it was intense, my lungs felt like they were on fire.

our mile was timed.

mine was 8:15.


i was happy.

the end.


Kristin said...

That's FAST!!!!! Now you're even cooler! :)

Amanda said...

815?! Way to go tiger! You're going to totally kick my butt in December...

Lori said...

manda, you forget i'm running at sea level now.... soo uhh i don't think that's a direct correlation to how fast i am in Utah . we'll see. i'm going to work hard in the next 4 months to beat you. ;) (see it's down to 4 months, yay! no longer 5.5 months!! yipppeeee)

Domestic Goddess and her Hero said...

Lori, that is AWESOME!!! You are an inspiration to all of us. Way cool! I ran 3.5 non-stop today. I was pretty excited. I have a lot to do to catch up to you though. WOW! I want to do that.