Saturday, August 22, 2009

My almost run on the beach...

Sooooo my working out this week rocked. Yup. Uh huh. My bed was waaaay to comfortable, and I didn't have anyone to meet this week. So those are my excuses. Tee hee. Well Wednesday night we went up to Bear Lake to be with Jared's family and a run on the beach sounded divine. Me, the sand, the water and the quiet of the morning sun. Ahhhhh. It was a great plan, and in my mind it was amazing. then I got up and went out only to find that the water was so high that I couldn't go too far before I was stopped by the foliage...and as much as I felt like bush-whacking...well, let's just say my run turned into a walk. Ahh well. It was still beautiful. I really really love Bear Lake.
To make up for my sad runs this week I made myself get up and run this morning all on my own. 6 miles and I rocked it. Yes I did. Hills and all. So hopefully the half next week goes well! Wish me luck!

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Lori said...

good job friend. 6 miles hills and all? woot!! you'll rock the half marathon next week, you're cool like that. plus remember that course? a good portion of it is downhill, it'll be awesome!

sorry about your almost beach run. but walks are always nice too. :)