Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two Days Straight.

Good news, ladies. I have officially worked out two days in a row. I know, will wonders ever cease? I decided to cave and get a gym membership. I just can't do it on my own. Maybe once I know the area better and I can convince crazy souls to join me.. but until then the gym is my best option. Plus, it gives me something to do once I lose my husband to graduate school. They recently told Van he's "theirs" 40-50 hours a week, not including studying. Soooo yaaah I gotta find an outlet. The local, most affordable, and safest gym is LA Fitness. I tried the Golds Gym and it's in an area that I don't feel comfortable going by myself. The choices for Golds were a sketchy part of downtown Atlanta or the suburbs 30 minutes away. LA Fitness 4 miles down the road won.

Yesterday I drove out to Bridgettes gym and took her spinning class. She did a great job and I could feel my lungs screaming "see?? THIS is why you don't stop working out, cause now it HURTS!" I was a sweat puddle but loved it.

Today I tried out my gym. I was nervous and had all sorts of emotions about a gym. Call me crazy but pretty much everything in the working out world reminds me of you two. I know I have to do it, I just wish I knew someone, you know? I got Jaylee off to school and headed to the gym. I was so good girls, I did 45 minutes of cardio BEFORE my hour long class. I know. I was impressed too. When I made my way over to the class the first girl who spoke to me chatted about how her and her husband just relocated to Atlanta from Colombus, GA and she was here at this gym for her first time. I said, funny, thats a coincidence. I'm here for my first time too... we just moved here about two months ago. Then she asked "Where are you from?" "Utah" (which usually gets followed up by this question, and today was no different...)
"Are you Mormon?"
Yup. Sure am.
She got very excited and said "So am I!"

Now I know this may not seem like much. But let me tell you what. In my 2 months here I haven't just "run into" any other LDS members. Unless it was church related I have always been asked "Are you mormon?" and then followed by a "Huh...I knew a Mormon once..." that's generally the way to convo goes. So imagine my shock and happiness. THEN come to find out she's in my ward boundaries AND she's looking for someone to work out with. It was a blessed day.

I felt very watched over. Definitely need to thank the Big Guy.

Tomorrow is day three at the gym. Wish me luck!
btw, I sweat ALL the time. it doesn't matter if I'm working out inside or outside I don't know what's wrong with me--I'm ALWAYS dripping!!!


Erin said...

oh that is neat i love hearing about your adventures

Martha said...

That's truly beautiful, really. I love feel-good experiences like that. :)