Friday, August 28, 2009

Soccer has returned

Oh girls.  My soccer team is back! Yay!!!!!  I can't even tell you how much joy this brings me.  My whole team hasn't been together in about 2 years, but miraculously we all are playing together again starting last night.  I first started playing with this team about 6 years ago and was the total outsider on the team.  I was the only one that didn't know everyone else, but my friend Mel, had me come and play with them once and then she moved to Denver so they let me take her spot.  It took me a couple of years to really feel like a part of the group, but now I love them.  They are such a great group of girls and I feel so lucky to have found them.  Last night was the beginning of the indoor season for us.  We had 2 games.  Yikes.  I haven't played 2 soccer games in a while.  I was worried.  The first game was a little rough, but luckily we pulled it out and were able to win.  The second team we played was a much better team and gave us a run for our money.  Thankfully we'd had that first game to warm up and remember how to play together again, and we played amazingly well that second game.  It was so much fun!  Oh how I love soccer.  I'm pretty sure I'll play until they stop playing.  So maybe when I'm 50?
AFS 7/10
AHS 10/10
Tomorrow I'm running the Top of Utah half! I'm just a little sore from 2 soccer games last night.  So wish me luck!

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Lori said...

i'm glad it was such a good night for you! yay for having your entire soccer team back (that's next to impossible isn't it? i'm highly impressed)

good luck tomorrow!!!