Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday's Workout

Bridgette man. She's an awesome workout buddy. If you thought I was a titch too motivated you two would be surprised during her workouts. I met up with her at the gym and this is what we did.

Warm up: 9:30 mile, plus 5 min warmup/cooldown
Chest Press 4 sets of 15
Inbetween sets did 4 sets of rotating push ups.
Leg Press 3 sets of 40 (first 20 full footed jump, 2nd 20 jumping and pushing off using just your heels)
Inbetween sets did 3 sets of lunges, 20 on each side. Last set were "jumping lunges" ooouch.
Triceps. Using a lat machine we pushed down with a flat hand and did 2 sets of 20.

THEN made our way over to Bridgette's Spin Class from HELL. She worked us til the cows came home. We had a set of sprints that were 45 second sprint, 15 second recovery for a total of 9 minutes. THEN we had to do a full on sprint for 3 minutes. Throw in everything else she does crazily for 60 minutes and I was dyyying by the end of the class. Didn't help that we'd just lifted our legs. Good good.

LFS 8/10
LHS 10/10

Good workout today, ladies. I'm rounding up GREAT ideas. You are SO excited for my visit in December aren't you?

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