Thursday, August 27, 2009


You running it with us Erin?


Erin said...

I have to decide so soon- Gals I REALLY REALLY hate missing a whole night of sleep seriously I was always the girl at sleep over who actually slept and it was a good thing cause I can be a monster (ask Ty) long to do I have to make my finally decision? P.S I have ran 4 times since I last posted :)

Lori said...

well, first GOOD JOB running since you last posted. kudos.

and, second, you'll have to chat with amanda about it. cause I'm crazy and do relatively okay without sleep. I know it'd be a sacrifice for you and Amanda can be straight up with you about how she felt, since she too joins you in the sleep club.

we technically don't NEED to know until March-ish. just trying to get our team all situated and paid for.

Amanda said...

You know I have to sleep too. I really am NOT nice when I don't. I was surprised at how well I did with so little sleep during this race. I think the adrenaline kind of carries you over. As long as Ty is ok kind of letting you sleep and giving you space the next day, I think you'd be fine. The only thing that sucks about that is that that Sunday is Father's Day. So that's something you 2 will have to decide.
As far as when you need to make a decision? The sooner the better. My sister is interested in running it too, but only if she can be in my van. I told her I had to check and see what you were doing first because you'd be the last spot in our van. So maybe if you could let me know by December at the latest, so that if you don't end up doing it, I can get her a training schedule written up. That would be swell.
But please come do it! It would be so. much. fun!