Monday, August 24, 2009


Hey ladies. So Bootcamp. Kickin. My. Butt. I can't remember all we did on Saturday but it involved a lot of cardio and a lot of resistance. On Friday I had met with a personal trainer at LA Fitness who is helping set up a specific "go Lori" plan for me... he had me max out all my muscles so we had a baseline of where to begin, what was "easy" or "hard" for me, so he'd know what workouts to write up for me. Sooo I'd already really REALLY worked my muscles on Friday.

Saturday comes. Honestly about 40 minutes into the 75 minute work out I'm ready to be done. My legs are shaking, my lungs are burning, it was intense. THEN she wanted us to do 10 set of stairs AFTER a bunch of high knees. Oh man, my poor poor poor quads. I had to stop after my 5th one and stretch because seriously they were ripping and shaking. Good workout. I was glad I went. Almost barfed. Made me even more excited for next week.

Today's workout. It was killer. It was my first "Brey" workout. (the PT) He had me warm up with a mile at an easy pace. No biggie. 9:40 mm. I can do that for a mile. Then he told me we were just going to work back and biceps today. Huh, I thought, well then this workout can't be ALL that bad. Here's the breakdown of what I did:

Lat pull machine 4 sets of 30 second reps at 45 lbs
inbetween each set I had to do 15 high knees on each side ON the machine itself.
Lat Row (like rowing a boat) 4 sets of 30 second reps at 40 lbs
inbetween each set I did jumping jacks for 30 seconds holding an 8 lbs medicine ball
Bicep curls 4 sets of 30 second reps using 20 lbs bar
inbetween sets I had to use an aerobic step and throw a ball as i stepped up and down and up and down and up and down.

that's all. i know it doesn't sound like much, but maaaan. THEN came the cardio

30 minutes on the elliptical full resistance for 10 minutes, 5 minutes to 50%, 10 minutes at 100&, 5 minutes at 50%.

10 minute treadmill session. 1 mile warm up, 7:30 mm mile, 1:30 min cool down.

sooooo tired. when i was jamming out the elliptical the i suddenly had two guys on the ellipitcals next to me. one guy STUUUUNK. man he had a stench. i was 18 minutes in to the 30 minutes so I felt committed to my machine. but man alive. he needed deodorant or something. goodness gracious.

my friend, Katie, started her own workout blog and I like her system of ranking workouts. So I'm going to steal it from her. Sorry, Katie.

Friday's workout: LFS (Lori Fatigue Scale) 6/10 LHS (Lori Happy Scale) 8/10
Saturday's workout: 9/10 if not close to 9.5/10, LHS 10/10
Today's workout: LFS 8/10 LHS 10/10


Amanda said...

I like the scale. Way to be pushing yourself friend!

Katie C Kirkham said...

steal away! I am way impressed!