Friday, August 28, 2009

Swimming Kicks My Butt

Swam for 45 minutes.
Myriad of drills and lengths.
Myriad of strokes.
Longest freestyle stretch without stopping: 400 meters.
Took me 9:30min. So my time is a titch slower than in April, but within reach.

Realized it's been 6 months since I swam last. I was tired afterwards in the shower. Yes yes.

LFS 9/10
LHS 6/10
(felt like I could have pushed harder and was frustrated with how HARD the workout was, definitely need to swim more often)


Amanda said...

Way to go friend. Swimming does kick your butt. Mine too! Any 300 pound naked women showering when you got out?

Lori said...

no, not any 300 lbs women. HOWEVER, there were a LOT of skinny little gym ladies walking around all stark naked. that was fun. :)