Monday, March 24, 2008

Ahhh...the joys of a long run....

So since you already got the nitty gritties of the run from Lor, I'll make this short and sweet. Saturday's long run was LONG. Longer than aniticipated apparently. But really I felt pretty good, which made me feel bad because Lor was struggling. It's funny how that works out sometimes. At least we both weren't bad, because it was REALLY cold up at Red Rock Outfitters where we started and it almost did us in there. If we both would have been unmotivated we might have just driven home to bed where it was WARM...ahhhh...but we got out and started. It was a little more chilly than we had anticipated and I seriously felt like my butt was just going to fall off it was sooo numb. Tee hee. Probably a little TMI, but it's true. Really I felt pretty good the entire run, which is weird for me. It usually takes me 4 or 5 miles to get feeling really good. But I really did feel pretty good from the start. I had forgotten how long 18 miles is though. It's a LONG time. It's been a while since we've run that course and I had forgotten how long some of those roads were. I'd think, "Ok, just around that corner...ok, the next corner....or the next?" I'll tell you what though. That hill about 14 miles in is NOTHING compared to the hills we ran in the 10 miler. I was tired at the top, but not exhausted. And I could run the whole thing! By about mile 15 my feet were getting really sore, and I had to really push myself to keep running. I would try to run to the beat of the song that was playing. That sometimes worked and sometimes didn't, but about mile 16ish (I'm guessing) a Green Day song came on and I was able to increase my pace to match the tempo for the song, and I was proud of myself for pulling that out that far into the run. I was super impressed with us for getting that much milage in and have been surprised at how little soreness I've had. Don't get me wrong. I'm sore, but no where near as sore as I was the 2 years ago when we ran this distance for the first time! So all in all I'd say that I found this run to be motivating. We did it. We did it in decent time. And we still have a month and a half of training in front of us. We are going to rock this marathon!!!!

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Lori said...

I totally agree manda, this run was rejuvenating for me. It made me confident in the way we've approached this marathon & the tweaks we've made in our training program. Yay!! I totally think we can do it in 4:30, hands down, no problem.

Thank HEAVENS for this run, it totally re-motivated me!