Saturday, March 8, 2008

Today's 14 miler... errrrr.... 8 miler

Yes, ladies, I usatf'd it and it only came up as 8 miles. We were pansies and were a full 6 miles short... an entire HOUR short. Yikes. But, to be truthful I don't think I could've done another mile, let alone another 6! And, no Erin, Amanda and I didn't keep running. I talked her into going through an open house. Tee hee. Sigh. Curse us and our affinity for cute houses!!!! So... since I'm the first to post, I'll just break it down in my own perspective.

The beginning of the run was a struggle for me. I was SOOOO hot. I haven't been hot whilst running in ages, so the dripping sweat took a minute to get used to. My legs were like lead. It wasn't until we hit the downhill part of Glassman that I thought "oh, okay, here are my running legs..." then we hit the UPHILL part of Glassman and my legs left me again. The only times that I felt "decent" on the run were when we were running 89 to Old Post, on Old Post and on Skyline. (I'm sure it also had to do with the incline...or lack thereof) I was in love with the weather change on 89. By the time we got to Polk I finally felt decent, albeit nauseous, but if we hadn't have stopped I'm sure I could've kept going. Overall the run was just physically and mentally tolling. Here is my rationale as to why.....

  • Usually running is one of the first things I do in the morning. I'm not used to having a busy day and then running at 2pm, let alone running 14 (uhhhh... 8). I wonder if my body was just to spent already.

  • Psychologically it was different for me. It wasn't dark, there were a TON of people, cars, movement. I'm used to a pretty relaxed run with not a lot of bustling. Hmmmm.

  • I had had a bussssy day up to that point. I was already tired.

  • Eating pizza the night before and then having cheesecake right before the run MIGHT not have been my best choices for "fuel".... just a thought.

The only thing that isn't making me completely frustrated with this run today is that we still have 10 weeks before the marathon. Which means we still have 8 LONG runs left....plenty of time to make up for the sorry excuse for a long run today. Yes, yes. How about you guys? Erin--you did AWESOME. Amanda and I were amazed at how much you pulled out. Especially since you haven't been training like crazy. Seriously, way to go. No matter what I do, I swear I will always be slower than you two... GRRRRRR. :)

Onward and upward ladies, 10 miles next week!!

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