Monday, March 24, 2008

Saturday's 15 miler

It went great was the best run ever! I started out with this idea to take a pic of the GPS at the beginning and then at the end to prove I ran the full 15 miles- well I only have one picture to show you... its the one at the beginning with no millage on it! Thats right I set out with all the good intent in the world and then at 2 miles realized I was bored and running alone was no fun- so I turned around and went home and studied for my test.... I am happy to report I am stoked for this test I have never prepared better!

Next week I am coming up to run the 17 apparently I don't have the self discipline for these long runs on my own.... don't worry Lori I am still training better for this marathon then I did for the last :)

Oh P.S my cell phone drowned, I guess I forgot to teach it to swim- I am sad to report it never pulled through- Will you girls email me your phone numbers (I won't pretend to have them memorized).


Amanda said...

Tee hee. I totally understand not being motivated to run that distance on your own. It's hard to do. So next weekend I have a weird old schedule, so I think since you are coming up, you and Lori should just go run together, and I will get my milage in when I can that day. I think that's the best plan. Yes, yes I do. :)

Lori said...

crazy girly! you are so funny. what's going to be hilarious is you're going to train the least of the three of us and get the best time. tee hee.

good to talk to you tonight! so psyched about the 20miler!!