Monday, March 17, 2008

Training Plan

Hey E!

So, I figured since you asked...ummm, over two weeks ago... to post our training plan, I'd actually get around to it.

Monday's: Cross Train (we usually do cardio and weight training)
Tuesday's: Speed Training or Hills
Wednesday's: OFF
Thursday's: Tempo Run
Friday's: Cross Train
Saturday's: Long Run

Speed Training: (you know the drill on these)
intervals (400, 800) and fartlicks...
Amanda has a great hill program. Start with a mile warm-up. Then sprint up the hill, walk down, do this 4 times. THEN (and this is when you start to cry) your first set begins. It looks like this:
  • sprint up the hill facing forward, walk down (4 times)
  • sprint up the hill facing backwards, walk down (4 times)
  • sprint up the hill on your left side (grapevine) (4 times)
  • spring up the hill on your right side (grapevine) (4 times)

lather, rinse, repeat (i think the max we've done was 3 times) and then technically you're supposed to do a mile cool down... also depends on your time.

Tempo Run:
Amanda and I still struggle with doing tempo runs outside because we're still learning to listen to our bodies where pace is concerned. But, since you have your uber-awesome GPS watch you might be able to take this workout outside. However, this is how we do it. (or how it SHOULD be done... we've been sick so I don't think we've actually done a complete tempo run workout yet) We do this on a treadmill, so we know the exact pace we're going and it pushes us to continue....

Mile 1- warm up at a 9 min/mile or 10 min/mile pace
Mile 2 - run a mile at 8 min/mile pace
Mile 3 - run a mile (or usually 4 minutes...haha...) at 7:30 min/mile
Mile 4 - run a 9 min mile
Cool down

Long Runs:

This is the schedule of long runs until the Ogden Marathon.

  • March 22 - 15 miles (ogden)
  • March 29 - 17 miles (valley)
  • April 5 - WRC Half Marathon
  • April 12 - 20 miles (ogden?)
  • April 19 - 16 miles (valley)
  • April 26 - 20 miles (your house? provo?)
  • May 3 - 16 miles (valley)
  • May 10 - 10 miles (ogden)
  • May 17 - Marathon

Hope that helps, friend!


Erin said...

Hey Yo isn't 4/26 the winter training 30k?

Amanda said...

Yes it is! We musn't forget that. :)

Lori said...

okay, i'll work that in. thoughts on how to work out long runs? you are more than welcome to edit this post... just write in types "EDITED" i'll do as i'm told....