Monday, March 10, 2008

YEAH 8 Miles Further than I have been

So Lori this picture is for you babe-I hate when you feel like this inside and out!And it sounds like you did!

I think my experience was so different because I was totally fueled by you two... being away sucks! Running alone sucks! So I totally think having you guys there,and being home was enough fuel for me to ran a full marathon:) END OF STORY!!!

I loved that run and was sad I was out of time- the air was perfect-I loved the breeze I truly love that Glassman neighbor thats the neighbor Tyson grew up in and I have so many fun memories of dating and hanging out at people's houses all along there. The view on skyline was gorgeous and how can you not love your first run in a new pair of shoes!

The thing I love about long runs is the ground your able to cover. It's kind of silly but once I have ran on a road there is apart of me the totally feels like I owen it. Just think you can never drive up or down Glassman with out saying "Ya I have ran up the uphill side and down the downhill side"

At the risk of sounding too "POSITIVE" I probably should be done! One last quick thing (Sorry Amanda)

BUT HELL YA we are training for a marathon!

I really like the new game plan of the 9 to 1 and am excited to get there. I think mentally the walk run thing works with me! This week I am really going to work hard I am nervous for the 10 miler on Saturday :)I just hope I can run if we only did 8 on Saturday I am in trouble I haven't gone ten miles since last years 1/2 (Amanda don't worry I won't even set the goal of keeping up with you- I have learned my lesson there) but I also am super excited- thanks LORI!

Well Ladies I have to get back to writing a paper about therapy models... such a good time at 2 o'clock in the morning :) Have a great workout in 3 hours I will be thinking of you and wishing I could be there.

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Lori said...

You ARE way too positive for the kind of run we had! :) glad to have you back! i look forward to our 17 miler!!