Monday, March 17, 2008

WRC 10 Miles from HELL

Really. Not kidding. Sometimes I wonder if they realize that the majority of the marathon is DOWNHILL. I mean really. Is there any reason to make us run uphill for 3/4 of the race? I'm up for a hill or two every now and again, but when it's hill after hill after hill, by legs eventually decide they are done no matter what my mind thinks! The morning was a really pretty morning for a run though. It was chilly, and it had snowed over night, but the sun was poking its head over the mountains and it was beautiful. I forgot my gloves (curses!) so I ran with my hands in my sleeves most of the way. Erin and I made a goal to be finished in 1:40 so off we went. The first few miles went well and we were on pace until we hit the never ending stream of hills. My legs were SCREAMING. All I have to say is that all of this hill training had better help with the end outcome! Once we hit Shadow Valley and started going down hill more I began to get my second wind. Then once I hit the 8 mile mark I was feeling good and motivated to finish so off I went. It still amazes me that once I get to the end of a race I get all anxious and have a need push it to the end. Its like my legs know that the faster I get to the end, the faster they can stop. ;) So I pushed it hard (well until the next hill) and finished at 1:40:03. So I was at least glad that I'd finished in my goal time. It was fun to run with Erin in a race again! It's been too long! I'm excited to be done running all these uphill races though! My new shoes did help out immensely. Something about having cushioning.... :D

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Lori said...

i'm sorry. i'm even sorrier that i had such a spectacular run while you two suffered up here on the mountain. but, never fear! we're now running on the marathon course! wahooooo!!!

new shoes! (double bonus!)