Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Awesome New Exercise.

Trust me.  I TRIED.  I tried with all my heart to get a picture of this exercise.  But I just couldn't angle the camera correctly and my little Jaylee only had so much patience. 

I've been trying to do this for YEARS and Jaylee is finally old enough that she GETS it.  You lay down on the floor, put your feet between your child's legs (or willing workout partner).  They lay on your shins, you do a leg press and push them up at the same time you're pushing them up with your arms (hands interlaced) so you're holding them up in the air with your hands and shins.  

Holy.  Quad and shoulder/chest workout!!!!  Jaylee is old enough now that she can provide the resistance that I need and she pushes back on my hands.  It was AWESOME.  We did about 20 and my legs were burning as were my hands...she weighs about 40 lbs now and I was feeling it by the end. JJ thought it was HILARIOUS and fun!  Awesome. Playing with the kid AND working out.  Not much better, eh????  

When I have Van around I'll have him snap some pictures.  Yes yes.  Oh yah.. check this blog out too.  Wish me luck tomorrow! 


Megan said...

I want to see this and I am having a hard time imagining it in my head. I am excited for the pics - I love new exercises to do at home and with a kiddo!? Even better. Granted Anna is only 25 pounds, but who knows if I can even do this exercuse right now anyway. Anna does think it is hilarious when I bench press her ;)

Erin said...

Thats awesome