Sunday, January 11, 2009

Week Two.

This week I have a decent training schedule, nothing too crazy, just mainly in the building phase in all three elements.  Should be fun!  I started drinking protein shakes after my really hard workouts and have seen a HUGE difference my energy level in the afternoons.  I think getting some calories and protein to my muscles after killing them has helped sustain me the rest of the afternoon.  I use EAS protein shakes, but there are a million out there... take your pick.

I'm excited to finally start having long runs on Saturday again.  Amanda and I haven't ran a 6 miler in probably two months.  It'll be nice to be a run that's longer than 30 minutes.  Where do you want to go friend?  I'm excited to have yet another week to try and work on my pesky eating habits.  I did decently this week, I made it 4 days out of 7 keeping my carbs below 195 grams.  (it's MUCH harder then it sounds... especially for a bread-lovin-sugar-lovin woman like myself).   I made it 5 nights out of 7 not eating after 8pm.  That's seemed to help.  

So... my goals for this week (in addition to my goals above):  cut down on my sodium intake and no diet coke all week.  No caffiene free, no full strength, NO DIET COKE.  I'm interested to see if I notice any difference. Hmmm.  I'll check back in and let you know.   As for me... I'm off to swim my little behind off in the morning.  What does your week look like? 


Heidi said...

Your training schedule is crazy! It looks like you're doing workouts for me too. Where are you getting all of your healthy recipes from? I need to cut down on my sodium and sugar and I need some more ideas.

Lori said...

well, i wish there was an amazing cookbook out there that i used. mainly it's just in my head. i try and cut back on sodium by looking up the sodium content online (i swear you can find ANY nutritional value for any food on the internet). i cut out salt where i can in cooking, avoid buying processed soups in a can (extremely high in sodium) and try to avoid chips, salsa, etc (my biggest downfall, by far)

sugar... well... sugar is "easy" to avoid, just have to do it! (which tends to be my issue) one great sugar substitute is all natural Agave nectar. It's sold at health food stores. My Mother-in-law uses it all the time and I used to think it was a little silly, but it really does help... it tastes just as sweet as sugar but it's natural juices. :)

I'm sure Megan knows other stuff too. We'll wait for her to comment. haha.

Jennifer said...

I'm so impressed by your dedication. You have a lot of training a head of you and I'm excited to follow along. I was a swimmer in High School so if you need any tips or workouts (I was a high school coach as well) let me know.


The Ball Babies said...

Now I'm getting ready for a 1/2 here in Boise - touted as the toughest 1/2 in the Northwest (it is!), I'm supposed to be running each day but Sunday. Only 35 minutes each day to start with, and a long run of 50 - 55 minutes on Saturday and building up from there. It never fails, however, that the week I start my Robie Creek training, I start to feel all sorts of aches and pains in my knees, calves, arches, feet, you name it, it aches and I feel like I'm a hundred. Perserverance gets me through it, and by the time race day comes, I'm feeling more spry than that first training week makes me feel. that's my workout week - I thoroughly enjoy it but it would be more blissful if I could get another hour of sleep before I have to get up...(4:45 am...) yuck.

Lori said...

eeek, Kris! running everyday would kill my joints too! when is your half? which one are you doing?

if you have an extra $70 buy CosaminDS, it's saved my knees. It's a supplement you take that is supposed to help your joints. Some swear by it some say they don't see any difference... personally it's helped me.

Megan said...

Yeah. I have no idea. Haha. I usually just make recipes up in my head or tweak ones to make them a little healthier. I don't have a sodium problem, I don't like chips and canned soup, or adding salt (I know, right). But sweets are a whole other story for me. LOL. Definitely my downfall.

I used to teach a weight management class at Curves. Although I had to teach 'their' diet - it was a good one. It showed me that I definitely need to be getting more protein in my diet. It had weeks of meal plans and recipes. I think I still have the book somewhere if you are interested. Sorry that I am not much help!