Friday, January 2, 2009

Winter Training

You need some of these
Yak Trax.  
     They will save your life in the winter time.  You can pick them up at REI, Canyon Sports Warehouse, Sports Authorty or online here. Running on packed snow and ice will never be the same.  We should have had them on this morning, we were sliding EVERYWHERE. Seriously, once I bought my first pair four years ago?  Winter training has been SO much better!  Definitely worth the investment.  
       And yes, in answer to your question Jennifer, you just get out there and do it.  We tend to do your speed training at the gym on the treadmills but all our other runs are done outside.  Make sure you have some good running tights, gloves, and wick shirts.  Cotton shirts and lightweight pants will FREEZE you in this time of year.  Target has a good selection as does Sports Authority.  If you have the time the Park City outlets are an awesome place to stock up on running clothes.  When it gets REALLY cold we pull out our face masks.   It saves our poor chins. 

What other winter training questions do you have?  We can post a training schedule or workout ideas.  Just let us know!


Jennifer said...

Thank you so much. I saw those yaktrack things and thought I should get some (and now I will). I'm going shopping tomorrow so I can be better prepared. Your blog is so inspiring. I hope you meet all your goals this year.

Erin said...

yeah I love winter training!!!