Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cause Wakin' Up Is Hard To Do

I was a bum.  I slept through my workout yesterday morning.  Yup.  I told myself that the hubs had the day off of work so I could TOTALLY workout in the afternoon.  The afternoon rolls around.. I'm having too much fun with the hubs to go workout.... finally it hits 4:45pm and I realize I STILL haven't worked out.  BLAST.   I throw on my running shoes and head out the door.  I was ambitious and got this hairbrained idea to run 2.5 miles down to Amanda's work to say hi and then head back home.  Well, I forgot these three things:
  • it had been snowing and was almost nighttime
  • its cold when it's almost nighttime
  • at nighttime it gets dark
You'd think I'd remember those things.  I went out of the house in a light jacket, no beanie, no gloves... in the snow... good job Lor.  On the way down to Amanda's work I realized I wouldn't be able to get back home before dark, which rocks, cause to get to Manda's work you run through a seedy area.  It's not that bad, but it has the potential especially when you're alone.  I had the freakest moment... around 24th and Madison a dude just starts jogging behind me, cat calling and whistling at me.  Eeeeek!  I started spriting as fast as I could.  I'm sure he wasn't going to do anything and was just drunk or a creep, either way it freaked me out.    I crawled into Amanda's office, texted Van and he came and picked me up.  There was NO WAY I was running in the dark back up to our house.  Bleh.  Note to self: never do THAT again.

This morning did a rockin' swim workout.  I'm really beginning to dig swimming.  It KICKS every muscle in your body AND your builds your cardio endurance.  Totally love it.  My week includes:
  • running a total of 10 miles (long run only 6 miles on Saturday)
  • swimming three times
  • biking for as total of 90 minutes 
  • two strength training sessions

What does your week look like for you?


Sonnie's Stories said...

Ummmm...SCARY! I'm glad you are ok.

Erin said...

I love it! Good old O-town..you forgot one more thing- the whole way home would have been up UP HILL!

Lori said...

oh yah, forgot about that part. haha. well then THANK GOODNESS i didn't run back up, eh? then i would have had to do HILL training. BLEH!!!

Kara said...

Lori- thanks for the tip on the blog I would love to do check ins with you. I quit one of my jobs, (I had 3) so that I can work out more!