Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Everybody Kegel

yep you heard me! I always thought of kegel exercises as well kind of "inappropriate" for lack of a better censored word :) But apparently "Kegel exercises are simple techniques for toning the muscles in the vaginal and perineal area, strengthening them in preparation for delivery. This will also aid recovery postpartum. This exercise is one virtually every pregnant woman can perform and benefit from, any time." What to expect when your expecting, pg. 192
So there you have it add some kegel to your stretching!
If you need to learn how to kegel go to this link:

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Lori said...

that's right. i think it's a helpful exercise no matter WHAT you're using it for. ;)

ps, i adore that you left a link explaining how to do kegels. really, that might just be my favorite LPRN moment, ever.