Thursday, January 29, 2009

Swimming Etiquette?

So far so good with my training schedule this week.  Wrote about it here.  But... here's my story for ya'll.    My morning went something like this.

4:45 am *blaring beep* ugh...arrrrgh.... 10 more minutes.......
5:07 am  CRAP.  i really need to get out of bed
hurredily ran around the house grabbing all the swimming essentials and get dressed for spin class.
5:21 am yesss i rock, totally here early.  what? only 3 spots left in the class?  for. the. love.
5:23am get settled into my warm-up
5:45am  is this done yet?  my legs are gonna fall off
5:56am you want me to do WHAT? for how long? at WHAT resistance?
6:10am  please, please, please make it stop.  what? sprints??? nooooooo
6:11 am it's only been a minute of sprinting?  can't. breathe. properly.
6:16am oh thank goodness spin is over. 
6:18am stretching feels sooooo good.
6:30am dagnabit i forgot my baby powder again! hair. splitting. ouch. cap. ow. my eyes. arrrrghhhh.  okay, whew, the cap is on my head, i repeat, the cap is on my head.  
6:38am this is great. only two swimmers in the pool.
6:40am what the heck? 8 swimmers in a 4 lane pool?
6:45am okay, this is ridiculous two ladies are doing water aerobics, during LAP TIME in between lanes.  don't be mean lori... don't be mean lori.
6:46am seriously? i have to swim AROUND you because you're a rather large lady! grrr. don't be mean lori. don't be mean. 
6:48am if i just got really close maybe i could "accidently" kick her.  no lor, be nice. 
6:50am what? someone else wants to try and squish in? what are we sardines?
6:55am okay.  i'm done. no more "accidental" feels by any. one. else. this morning. creeps.

yup.  what a thrilling morning.  these ladies took up one lane and half of the middle lane... and sometimes ended up on my blue line.  i wouldn't know until i was basically running into her butt and had to quickly swim around her.  arrrgh.  what's the etiquette?  do i show them the swim schedule and say "ummm this time is reserved for lap swimming? so move. it.?" or do i just do what i did and be passive and get frustrated.  thoughts?  

20 bonus points for me though, that workout kicked my butt this morning.  i was WAY proud of myself. A) for waking up B) for pushing myself.  so here's me patting myself on the back:  pat. pat. 


Erin said...

I am impressed you have done all that this morning! I would say- you should say something, but I know I never would. I would probably end up kicking them :)

Lori said...

i know, huh. i have all these great ideas of being assertive and telling them i need a lane. but.. nope.. just left in a huff. maybe i was just uber jealous of their super cool moves.