Sunday, September 27, 2009

Holy Workouts This Week Batman

So this week I did 3 really intense workouts that Lor put together for me in all of her best training glory.  Oh. My. I hurt.  They were awesome.  I did a speed training workout, a bootcamp type work out and what she calls cardio blast (ummmm it's haaaaard).  All of them were intense and induced massive amouts of persperation.  I was proud of myself because I really pushed myself and wouldn't let myself give up, however by the time I got to cardio blast on Friday I felt like I was jogging even though I was trying to sprint!  Yikes.
I have been dragging a few other people with me and leading in the workouts which has really actually helped me work out better.  I feel like I have to push myself harder in order to expect it out of them.  I've been a little surprised at what I'm capable of.  It's been good.  So all in all it's been a good workout week for me!  I will have to post the workouts that Lor has provided me with.  I have a feeling I'm going to be feeling more toned in no time.  Thanks Coach. You're the best!

AFS: 10/10
AHS: most days 10/10


Lori said...

way to go friend.

Domestic Goddess and her Hero said...

Lori, you would be so proud of your junior running nazi (almost) person. She is kicking our butts and it is helping. Thank you for helping her help me. I did ask for her help and I'm glad I'm getting it. Thank you both!

Lori said...

I am proud of my manda. :) she has more strength and leadership in her than she thinks, i think it's fabulous she finally has an outlet to find that out for herself!

Erin said...

so sorry I missed it this morning maybe I should get a copy of this here workout so I can pretend to do it at home!