Thursday, September 10, 2009

Swim Swim Swim

Made my way back to the gym this morning. I was so tired and so not in the mood to work out. However, whining and grumbling aside, I took Reagan and we went. I decided to have a cardio day today and really push myself. I felt good about the swim. I swam 800 meters straight. That's the longest I've ever swam without a break. It was a new record. Woot. It took me about 16 minutes, so I'm assuming a mile will be lookin around 30+ minutes...which means... I've got some work to do. BUT today I'm not worried about the work... I'm just super duper excited I hit my goal of 800 meters.

Here was my workout.

100 meters warm up
800 meters straight
300 meters leg kicks
300 meters arms only (ouch ouch ouch)
100 meters cool down

Short and sweet. But it felt good and rejuvenating. Let me tell you what women at my gym are not shy. I have seen more naked women in the last few weeks than in my entire 2 years at Gold. I'm starting to think I should just walk around naked to join in the group. Ha. Good times, ladies, good times.

LFS 10/10
LHS 9/10

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