Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday. Bam.

15 minute cardio warm up.

I decided to really up the ante with my warm ups. So I did 5 minute on the elliptical, resistance 8. Then I pumped it up for 10 minutes at resistance 16. It was intense. But I had a good beat going in my ears and I jammed it out. My legs were tired when I was done, but I felt like I had pushed myself much more than I usually do with workouts.


Chest flys 10 lb dumbells 15 x 4: Exercise ball under head/shoulders, legs extended, feet on ground abs holding me up.

Shoulders 20 lb dumbells (yaaaaah) 15 x 4. My shoulders felt like they were literally going to rip off. I kept grunting to myself to push through. I was so proud of myself for finishing all 4 sets completely.

Chest machine 40lbs 15 x 4: my arms so were so shaky from my shoulder workout that these chest flys were haaaaaaaard.

Tricep pulls (rope) 30 lbs 15 x 4

Abs: Full body stretch and retract 15 x 4 (my ab muscles are so weak right now after my 4th set I literally felt sick. I chalked it up to "good job Lor" rather than "you are a wuss bucket Lor")

Cardio: I found this workout online. It promised it would kick my butt.... and it did. If you have a treadmill you should totally try it. I loved it. It went by so much faster than I thought it would because I was so focused on my small intervals.

5 minutes - warm up
2 minutes - baseline (past where you feel totally comfortable, but a pace you can sustain)
2 minutes - set incline up 1% every 15 seconds
2 minutes - decrease incline 1% every 15 seconds
1 minutes - sprint
2 minutes - set incline up 1 % every 15 seconds
2 minutes - decrease incline 1% every 15 seconds
1 minute - sprint
2 minute - increase incline 1% every 10 seconds
2 minute - sustain highest incline achieved
2 minute - decrease incline 1% every 10 seconds
2 minute - sprint
1 minute - baseline
3 minute - cooldown

my baseline was an 8:47 mm, my sprint was 7:20mm. I jacked up the incline as high as it would go and power walked up the treadmill for one of the two minutes and ran up it the last minute.

It worked my butt and my lungs. Pretty sure my new favorite running song for hills is "Boom Boom Pow" man that came on when I was trying to up my pace and the incline . It was awesome. Hope your Monday workouts went well!

LFS 10/10
LHS 9/10

I have GOT to go running outside soon.
The treadmill is awesome but maaaaaaan I miss outside.

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