Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TOU Half...Un Amiga Style...

Three years ago we became the Tres this race...
That was a fun race, and was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
I haven't run TOU since that first time that we ran it together...until this year.
Here is a synopsis of the adventure that was TOU.
This year instead of 3, there were 5 of us.  Lor's sister Ashley and her running friend Michelle, and Kristin and Trina, joined me in running this beauty.  Or rather I should say I joined them.  Kristin and Trina had invited me originally and Ashley had said at the beginning of the summer that she wanted to run a half with me and somewhere in there Michelle joined the mix.  Training for this race was a bit of joke.  My training has been sporadic at best, but I had just run the Provo River 3 weeks before, so I figured I'd be fine.  Riiiight.
Our morning started way too early, and I had to convince Ashley and Michelle that we really DID have to leave that early.  We got to the buses and realized that they didn't have their race packets yet, so they had to grab those.  The line for the buses was loooooong.  So I was feeling somewhat panicky.  To aleviate the panic, Kristin decided to take a pic of Trina and I.
Gotta love bb's!
Once we finally boarded we realized that there was no way the race was going to start on time.  No siree bob.  And we snapped some more pics to give Lor a bb play by play.
Ashley and Michelle
Kristin and Trina
Poor lonely Manda....
At the top I met some new friends and tried to convince them to run with me.  But they said no.
(Yes those are a the top of the race...ummm random?)
The race got underway and I had a side ache right off.  Blast.  Not the way I like to start, but by mile 3 that had subsided.  I started off with Kristin and Trina and later caught up with Ash and Michelle, and then Kristin caught up with the three of us again.  I was so glad that I had people to run with.  I was sooo struggling to keep going.  I was tired, unprepared, and sad not to have you two there.  Sad.  So sad....
I did have some great chat time with Kristin though.  I really like her.  She is a rather fabulous person.  And I loved listening to Ashley's random stories. That girl can make me laugh!
I in no way felt as good as I did during the Provo River half, but my time was better. Go figure. I fininshed the race in 2:05. It was a good race, and a beautiful course, and just a little random. Let me share.

Random occurences at TOU:

  • The sheep at the top of the race...random yes?
  • Having someone say as I run by, "Hey aren't you Lori's friend? I read her blog and know all about you." No lie. That happened twice.
  • Running by a man having a heart attack 1 block from the finish. Ambulances and everything. In all my racing I've never seen that happen. He lived.
  • Seeing at least 5 people at the end that I knew that I haven't seen in 3-5 years.
All in all it was a good race.  I just missed you girls like crazy.  I had totally forgotten that this was our fist race together until I got to the top and all of the memories came flooding back.  Like taking this picture.
Ahhh...the beginning of Tres Amigas.
It made me sad to be the only one left here.  So I took this picture.
The Un Amiga.  It wasn't as fun, but I did it girls.  Here's to all of us.
Muah.  Love you girls!


Lori said...

i loved this post. oh yes i did. i really appreciated the play-by-play on the BB. even though I sat at home crying while you were running it, I was really really happy you were!

sooo random about my blog readers. :) maybe i'll run into one of your readers out here. ;)

and it's so sad... so sad... you took the picture of your foot. so hilarious, yet heart breaking. soon we'll have a tres amigas run. december. you in erin?

Lori said...

oh and ps, great job on your time! woot!

Megan said...

Hilarious that people 'recognized' you - you are famous. And it made me chuckle a little bit since I basically said the same thing to Erin a few weeks back when I ran into her at a party ;)

Kristin said...

I don't know why those sheep were opposed to running with you. That was a really random race for me too. I have never seen a heart attack in progress (and never hope to again) and watching that poor girl who THOUGHT she was behind a tree--but really she wasn't--going potty. And, it was random for me to be recognized as Sophie's mom from that same girl who recognized you as Lori's friend. I think she works at WSU cause she reads my MIL's blog too.

Anyway, I am so, so, so glad you ran this race! It wouldn't have been as fun without you. And, I loved running with you. It really helped me A LOT!! You are fantastic. :)