Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who's that third girl?

It's me friends...I'm sure some have wondered where the heck I've been-well let me tell you. I've been/am back a square uno and let me tell you running is hard work. I am ummm lets see how do I put this training for a 5k. Yep that sound right I'm gonna run a 5k at the end of October my goal is 27 minutes or better at least I feel that's pretty generous of me to set such am achievable goal that means my long runs will build up to a whopping 3 miles over the next 3 weeks! So you two keep right along workout at super amazing in shape trainings and I'll be plugging along back at square one at least I'm pretty sure I have no where but up to go...at least lets hope- oh and I the rare occasion I even add sit=ups to my workout when I feel like pushing myself :)


Lori said...

tee hee. I like you Erin. to be honest, the longest distance i've run in a single stretch since June has been 4 miles. So I'm right there with you sister! And you have to remember your baby is ... 4 months old? You're doing awesome! Way to get back into it. That 5k doesn't know what hell fury is coming at it! :)

Amanda said...

Seriously, I will email you the Lori workouts. They'll whip your butt into shape in no time. I'm already feeling stronger and faster! Woot woot!