Saturday, April 12, 2008

how many steps do you take to cover 20 miles?

....I was wondering that towards the end- any way to know the answer? I can't say I love running 20 miles but I can say I love running with the two of you. I am glad I learned the importance of speed training and which side of the road you are suppost to run on, but the most important thing I learned was how Lori pulls her hair into a ponytail with half inside and half outside. All in all I am proud of us! As a training note- my goal was to push myself at the end because I get bored and its just easier to walk- but I did it today I proved to myself that I can run to the end and a desent pace- hopefully I can remember that.

And I was sure to enjoy my Malt from Neilson's (PS Lori no one thought it was funny when I honked in the middle of the stupid, stopped traffic)and I didn't make it to my study group but I did have a great nap!

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Lori said...

i think it's great you pushed at the end. i think both manda and i are in awe as you tried to push it up boughton. i had great thoughts about that...but didn't do it til the slight decline. ;)

soooo glad you got your ice cream and pfffft on the peeps in I-15. did they not KNOW you were in a hurry? geeeeeeeez.