Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What I love about Country Runn'n

So since Tyson and I have packed up and moved to the country I have decided to list a few of my favorite things about running in the wide open space of Lehi....
1. the fresh country smells (a.k. Cow Sh*T)
2. "Hay for sale signs"
3. the country nod- everyone waves to everyone
4. the fun game I play in my head of counting power line polls
5. Having cows stare at me as I run by
6. farmers burning their ditchs-the smoke is great on my lungs
7. Being ran off the two lane road when trackers need to pass
8. The birds singing
9. and my new favorite..... SNAKES! ys'ma'm today I was being a polite runner by getting off the run for a car to pass when my foot stepped on something that looked close enough to be a snake I jumped- in my head I thought it was just a shoe lace so I went back to get a up close and personal look...and indeed it was a SNAKE (dead of course) but real enough to make me pay closer attention to where my feet where.


Amanda said...

SNAKES?! I've only almost stepped on one once and I think it made my heart stop. Yikes. I love you and your country adventures. It makes me want to come and pound out the miles with you there for a change of scenery! Plus I really want to come see your house. Hmmmm....

Lori said...

i'm all about it. lets convince the hubbies that next weekend we it just must-needs-be to have a GNO at Erin's for the 16 miler. Are there playoff games? If so, they won't even notice our absence. :)

and ps, SNAKES? i'm almost as scared of snakes as I am of bees. SCARRRRYYYY!!!!!

Erin said...

I love that plan... please come down- I will show you the dead snake! it's just a little guy!