Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thought I would share...

Today I wasn't able to run before school and when I got home it took all the will power I have to do my speed training workout. Here is the internal conversation all the erins had...

Real Erin said, "I know I will feel better if I go."
Lazy Erin said, "Ya but I am just so tired"
Inspiring Erin replied, "well you are going to be tired no matter what, but you owe it to yourself to go- besides every time you don't go it just becomes easier the next time not to go."
Evil Erin said, "Ya but you can just stay and in a 1/2 hour you will have forgotten all about letting yourself down- besides if you don't go you can stay and clean and finish your last paper due tomorrow."
Obessive-complusive Erin agreed, "Ya jsut stay and clean that will make you feel just as good."
Over accomplishing Erin yelled, "Toughen up guys- besides if you don't go your going to end up walking this marathon- and I am too prideful to allow that to happen."

Real Erin finally took control...and all the Erins in my head when running- I am sure Tyson appriecated when I came home I had them all in control- it makes a long night for him when he never know which Erin will attack

P.S all the Erins agreed it was one of the best speed workouts I have had- I ran 1:32 400... its not my jr. high speed but for my old age its not bad :)

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Lori said...

way to run a 1:32! You'll be swooshing by Amanda before we know it. :) okay.. maybe not completely...but at least keeping with her! (I'll be cheering you guys from the 200 meter mark... :)

way to push yourself to workout, proud of you friend! can't wait to see you Saturday!