Saturday, April 26, 2008

My 12 mile 18 miler

Started out simple enough: run every mile and walk 60 seconds. Sounds great! (nevermind the chest cold and the blaring Achilles) It worked great and I was feeling perfectly fine (albiet the random coughing spits...) About mile 4 I had an interesting experience that made me realize I wasn't going to finish this race. Sad. So, I waited until the appropriate moment and turned around (about mile 6). I ran back to the finish line, asked for ice turned on my tunes and watched really cool peeps run in to the finish line. :) I was disappointed and discouraged but felt peaceful at my decision. I want to run this marathon and unfortunately pushing myself health-wise and injury-wise at this point in the training isn't worth having to take 2 weeks off (uhhh since the marathon is in 3 weeks). Plus, in my own way of justifcation I felt that it was still 12 miles, double digits is better than singles!

However, Manda ROCKED the course and should blog about it soon (hint hint). And despite being totally bummed at the outcome today I DID have some cool experiences:

  • I got to be lapped by the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place winners. (ummm they ran 14 miles in the time it took me to run 10) It was cool seeing their stride and watching them run. I'm sure I had drool.
  • I was able to cheer for people coming into the finish line, namely Amanda (I haven't been able to cheer for her at a finish line in about a year) (and ps, I got to see PONY TAIL girl--Erin this is a must-tell story)
  • I remembered WHY I like to run... it has nothing to do with time but all about the company and the clarity I receive during my runs
  • I got a good 45 minute icing session for my left foot, probably the best icing that foot has ever seen! ;)

So, yup, that about sums it up. I'm quite leery about the marathon, not quite sure how it's going to go... I'm really hoping the next two long runs will go well and boost my confidence again. But, I'm so pumped for you guys. I really feel like you two are going to great and get PR's. It's been awesome just being able to train with you two, for better or for worse. :)


Erin said...

I love your insight you are one of a kind... and P.S I have that horrible cold- I think it is the worst head cold I have had in my entire life. My training started out strong this week I was even going to be able to get a extra run in.. but the Wednesday night the cold attacked I only completed 6 of my 18 miles (single digits) and didn't get my much needed extra run in- BUT WE WILL MAKE IT

Lori said...

i'm so sorry you're sick too, friend!! it's the freaking pits. i'm coughing up a lung. pretty soon i won't any left. :(

i say we make up for this weekend with a nice tempo run on tuesday morning. 4 mile tempo repeats anyone?