Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jumpin' the Gun

I'm planning again. But, really, are ya'll surprised? Here's what I think our tenative racing schedule should be for the summer.

Wasatch Back Relay, June 20-21
(just Lori...Manda & Erin have the month off...unless you want to do the Standard Examiner 5k...)

12th - The Davy Foundation 5k (WSU, Ogden)
24th - Deseret News 10k (SLC)

9th - Provo River Half Marathon
22nd- Hobble Creek Half Marathon

8th- Huntsville Half Marathon
13th- Ogden Valley Triathlon (relay/ Manda & Lori)
OR Marathon Relay (at Thanksgiving point, 5.2 miles each)
20th - TOU Marathon (??)

What do you guys think?


Amanda said...

Looks awesome! I'm in! And p.s. for the record I like your planning. :D

Lori said...

oh good. i was really getting concerned that my planning might cut into some deep seeded insecurities. oh wait. that's my OTHER friend. ;)

do you want to run the 5k or help me at the finish line?

Erin said...

Looks like fun! So you two are doing a Triathlon rely?

Lori said...

yah, Amanda talked me into it. I think I was under heavy medication at the time. cause...uhh.. I'm doing the BIKING portion. Yaaah. Pretty sure I'm freaking out about that.